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Our Story

If there’s some resemblance between diamonds and women, it would be how strong and exquisite they both are! Aayraa’s groundbreaking designs are inspired by all the women who continuously break stereotypes and empower each other to do better.
We bring to you, a global range of jewellery carefully tailored for all the different kinds of great women in the world. We have been operating in the world diamond hub (Antwerp, Belgium) with over 30 years of experience in rough diamond manufacturing to polished diamond trading, with an aim of delivering diamonds of the best quality.
Just like the women of today, Aayraa believes in having integrity as it’s core value and offers a superior quality of diamonds at a fair price. These diamonds deserve someone as special as you, let Aayraa guide you through this journey of self-love. We believe that Diamonds Are For Everybody.

We’re commited to create the change we want to see in the world