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Our Process

Our Process

Our bespoke creation process at Aayraa Jewels unfolds through a meticulous series of steps:

Consultation: Engage with our skilled designer, either in-person or virtually, to articulate your design preferences and set a budget.

Design: Aayushi, our diamond and jewelry expert, conceptualizes a sketch or multiple sketches of the piece of jewellery, seeking your approval before proceeding.

Material Selection: Explore diamond options proposed by Aayushi, and make personalized choices for metal color and the final diamond.

Manufacturing: Witness the meticulous handcrafting of your ring at our Antwerp atelier, where skilled goldsmiths and setters employ traditional techniques.

Final Inspection: Our finished product undergoes a thorough inspection, ensuring perfection, and adjustments are made if necessary.

Delivery: Receive the exquisite, completed jewellery at your convenience.

Sizing: Benefit from complimentary resizing for all our jewelry.

This process, tailored to your unique design and material preferences, may span 2 to 3 weeks based on complexity, with our commitment to aligning with your desired timeline. Each jewel is exclusively handmade from scratch, ensuring a flawless match with the chosen diamond.